Monday, October 16, 2023

**#MissionCricket** **Subject:** Research and Development of Global Cricket-Based Certified Organic Protein Powders


**Subject:** Research and Development of Global Cricket-Based Certified Organic Protein Powders

**Introduction:** #MissionCricket is dedicated to advancing the sustainable use of cricket farming to produce certified organic protein powders. This mission aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and Global Goals, focusing on promoting a sustainable source of nutrition.

**Intelligence Report:** Cricket farming has gained recognition as an environmentally friendly and highly nutritious source of protein. With its low environmental footprint and high protein content, crickets have the potential to address global food security and sustainability challenges. #MissionCricket aims to conduct extensive research and development in the field of cricket farming, with a focus on organic and ethical practices.

**Business Plan:** Our strategy involves establishing cricket farms on a global scale, adhering to certified organic standards. We will research and develop efficient and sustainable farming techniques, optimize the processing of cricket protein, and create a market for certified organic cricket protein powders. This business plan aims to provide a reliable source of organic protein while contributing to the UN SDGs.

**Legal:** We will ensure full compliance with international, national, and regional laws and regulations regarding food production and organic certification. This includes adhering to organic farming standards, animal welfare laws, and food safety regulations.

**Conclusion:** #MissionCricket seeks to revolutionize the protein industry by harnessing the potential of cricket farming for sustainable and certified organic protein production. Through research, development, and adherence to legal and ethical standards, we aim to promote a healthier and more sustainable source of nutrition while contributing to the global goals of the UN.

Let's work together to make cricket-based protein powders an accessible and organic option for a more sustainable future.


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