Sunday, October 15, 2023

**#MissionVoteUN: Pioneering Global Democracy at the United Nations**

1. **#MissionVoteUN: Pioneering Global Democracy at the United Nations**
   - A groundbreaking mission to transform the United Nations voting process into a streamlined, digitalized system. #MissionVoteUN aims to empower global citizens with the organic unwritten right to vote independently and freely at the UN, marking the advent of a democratic revolution on a global scale.

2. **Introduction:**
   - In a world that's becoming increasingly interconnected, it's high time for a revolutionary change in the democratic process at the United Nations. #MissionVoteUN seeks to launch a digitalized, blockchain-secured global voting system, allowing individuals to exercise their right to vote at the supreme global authority, promoting a new world order based on universal suffrage.

3. **Intelligence Report:**
   - #MissionVoteUN is a visionary project that leverages advanced technology to coordinate United Nations general elections on a global scale. Our mission is to enable citizens from nations, states, provinces, cities, and institutions worldwide, including school boards, to exercise their right to vote at the UN. This revolutionary undertaking aims to streamline global democratic processes and align them with the law of nature, international law, and organic laws.

4. **Business Plan:**
   - We're pioneering a smartphone and computer application to facilitate UN voting. This app empowers individuals to participate in perpetual elections, allowing them to change their vote on various issues at any time. The funding for this colossal endeavor will be generated through the legalization and taxation of certified organic plants globally, marking a critical step in #MissionLegalizeAllPlants and ending the war on drugs.

5. **Legal Framework:**
   - #MissionVoteUN operates within the purview of international laws and the inherent right to vote at the United Nations. This mission ensures the democratic principles enshrined in the United Nations' core values, creating a new chapter in global governance.

6. **Conclusion:**
   - #MissionVoteUN is not just an initiative; it's a monumental stride towards a more democratic and coordinated global order. We invite all citizens of the world to partake in this revolution. By streamlining UN elections and securing them with cutting-edge technology, we aim to redefine international democratic affairs and amplify the voices of global citizens. It's time to reshape the world through #MissionVoteUN.

With #MissionVoteUN, we embark on an extraordinary journey to create a world where every individual has the power to shape global governance, furthering the cause of international harmony and cooperation. 🌍🗳️🌟

Marie Seshat Landry
CEO & Spymaster
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