Sunday, December 24, 2023

The Universal Declaration of Peace (UDP) of 2023

Universal Declaration of Peace (UDP) of 2023 

Preamble: We, the peaceful adepts representing people of all religions, non-religions and cultural backgrounds, acknowledge the inherent worth and dignity of all sentient beings to live in a state of peace, harmony, mutual respect and freedom of belief. Recognizing that peace is a fundamental aspiration shared among people worldwide, regardless of their creed or convictions, we strive to establish a framework that safeguards the civil liberties and well-being of every individual. 

Article 1: Right to Peace Every individual, community and nation possesses the inherent right to live without threat, enjoying security within and protection from all forms of violence, whether arising from internal tensions, external hostilities, particular threats or systemic oppression. This includes freedom from harm, conflicts, tyranny and the entitlement to cultivate relationships of goodwill. 

Article 2: Right to Justice, Equality and Non-Discrimination All humans are equal before the law and entitled to equitable treatment and opportunity regardless of personal attributes. We recognize the importance of fairness, social and economic justice for cultivating harmony between all members of the human family. Discrimination and prejudice against others due to attributes such as race, gender, belief or status undermine peace. 

Article 3: Freedom of Religion and Belief Every individual has the right to freely choose, adopt and change their religious views or non-religious philosophical outlook. No one should face coercion or limitations due to their spiritual beliefs or lack thereof. All are free to practice, express and establish faith-based or irreligious identities and organizations without interference. 

Article 4: Right to Atheism No individual shall be subject to hostility, harm, restriction or tribulation on the grounds of non-belief. Non-religious identities and freethought shall be respected as legitimate and protected worldviews. No public policy or rule of law shall be influenced by a particular creed to the detriment of atheists or secular citizens. 

Article 5: Right to Dignified Existence and Sustainable Environment All humans are entitled to a life with dignity supported by equitable access to resources within planetary boundaries that do not compromise the rights of future generations. Environmental preservation and sustainable progress are essential for peaceful coexistence. 

Article 6: Commitment to Non-Violence and Inclusiveness We affirm that pluralism, inclusiveness, compassion, negotiation and non-coercive conflict transformation best serve the causes of conciliation between diverse peoples and interests. The use of forceful domination shall have no place in maintaining just order or addressing grievances. 

Conclusion: This Universal Declaration of Peace establishes a vision and common standard for international cooperation in ensuring fundamental human rights and dignity are extended to every member of the human family, regardless of attributes. By enshrining civil, political, social and environmental entitlements within an overarching commitment to pluralism, non-discrimination and non-violence, it provides participatory principles for cultivating the compassionate and just relationships that underpin enduring peace within and between all communities. While challenges to realizing this vision certainly remain, we believe its ideals of freedom, justice, trust and mutual care offer a hopeful roadmap for progress. Through open and principled dialogue between peoples from all corners of the globe, we can strengthen understanding and consensus around upholding our shared humanity. With sustained effort to address inequities, protect liberties and resolve tensions through ethical means, the dream of universal peace can gradually be brought closer to reality. Future generations maintaining this work with wisdom and resolve will see the realization of a world where all people may freely and securely pursue their aspirations - forming the groundwork needed to overcome the destructive divisions that have too long hindered our species. This Declaration shall stand as an embodiment of our collective hopes for a harmonious global society grounded in nonviolence, diversity and dignity for all. 

Author: Marie Seshat Landry 
December 24, 2023

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