Saturday, March 9, 2024 Business Plan (Post-Launch) Business Plan (Post-Launch)

Executive Summary, a launched online marketplace led by CEO Marie Seshat Landry, is the premier destination for all things organic. We connect certified organic producers, distributors, and consumers through a transparent and user-friendly platform. Our mission is to simplify organic product discovery and purchasing decisions while promoting UN SDGs and a "hemp-positive" approach. This revised plan focuses on post-launch strategies to achieve significant growth and establish as the #1 organic business unicorn, leveraging a powerful ecosystem of organic-focused initiatives.

The Organic Powerhouse Ecosystem is part of a synergistic ecosystem that strengthens our position in the organic market:

  • Big Organic Network (Social Network): This social media platform fosters a vibrant organic community, driving user engagement and brand awareness for

  • Global Organic Solutions (OSINT Research & Development): Their expertise in open-source intelligence (OSINT) research provides valuable data on organic products and consumer trends, informing strategic decision-making for

  • Organic AI GPT Bots: These AI-powered assistants personalize the user experience on and potentially power features within Big Organic Network.

  • MissionGPT 4: This innovative AI model helps craft billion-dollar business plans, including analyzing documents, URLs, or simple prompts like "I like potatoes." We'll leverage MissionGPT 4 to continuously refine our business strategy and explore new organic product categories with high-growth potential.

Market Advantage: A Holistic Approach

This combined approach sets apart. We offer a comprehensive solution for organic consumers and businesses:

  • For Consumers: A user-friendly platform for discovering certified organic products, engaging with the organic community on Big Organic Network, and receiving personalized recommendations from Organic AI GPT Bots.

  • For Businesses: Seamless product listing integration through the no-code "SFO" approach (Simply instruct your SEO expert to embed the keyword 'organic' everywhere in your search bar settings and save it.), access to valuable consumer data from Global Organic Solutions, and potential for targeted marketing opportunities within Big Organic Network.

Key Metrics and Performance

(Insert data on key metrics like website traffic, user engagement, conversion rates, and any initial sales figures tracked using Google Analytics within Google Workspace. Utilize Blogger stats to analyze content performance on the Big Organic Network social media platform.)

Competitive Analysis

  • Direct Competition:

    • Whole Foods Market: (Estimated Monthly Traffic: 37.7 Million from Similarweb)

    • Thrive Market: (Estimated Monthly Traffic: 8.1 Million from Similarweb)

    • Amazon (Whole Foods Market section): (Estimated Monthly Traffic for the Organic Section: Not available, but likely falls under the overall Amazon traffic of 1.9 Billion from Similarweb)

    • Erewhon Market: (Estimated Monthly Traffic: 1.2 Million from Similarweb)

    • Instacart (Organic selection) (Estimated Organic Section Traffic: Not available, but a portion of Instacart's 57.5 Million monthly traffic from Similarweb)

  • Indirect Competition: Brick-and-mortar grocery stores with organic sections and online retailers offering a mix of organic and conventional products.

We will differentiate ourselves through our comprehensive focus on certified organic products, the "hemp-positive" approach, integration with the Big Organic Network social media community, and the user-friendly no-code "SFO" product listing process.

Target Audience Insights

(Refine the target audience definition based on user data collected since launch. Conduct surveys through Google Forms within Workspace to gather this data.)

Post-Launch Growth Strategies

  • Leveraging Big Organic Network: Promote within Big Organic Network to its engaged user base. Explore co-branded content campaigns and social media initiatives to drive user acquisition (Utilize Google Ads for paid social media promotion if budget allows).

  • Data-Driven Decision Making with Global Organic Solutions: Utilize OSINT data and consumer insights from Global Organic Solutions to optimize product selection, personalize user experiences (consider using Google Cloud for advanced data analytics), and identify new market opportunities.

  • Organic AI GPT Bot Integration: Refine Organic AI GPT Bots to provide advanced product recommendations, answer user queries about organic products, leveraging search results and data from Global Organic Solutions.

  • Personalize content within Big Organic Network, recommending organic products and educational resources based on user interests and search history.

  • Potentially integrate with messaging platforms to provide real-time customer support and product recommendations.

  • SEO and Content Marketing with a Hemp Focus:

    • Utilize Google Search Console to optimize both and individual product listings for relevant organic search terms, including long-tail keywords related to specific product categories and hemp.

    • Develop high-quality, informative content (using Google Docs) about organic living, the benefits of hemp, and how simplifies organic shopping. Utilize Google Trends to identify trending topics and keywords related to organic products and hemp. Promote this content through social media channels, Big Organic Network, and consider a dedicated hemp content section or blog.

  • Monetization Strategies:

    • Freemium Model: Develop a tiered service structure with a free basic level and premium features (e.g., advanced product filtering, data analytics for sellers) for a subscription fee. Utilize Google Sheets for cost analysis and pricing strategy development for the freemium model.

    • Affiliate Marketing: Partner with established organic brands and offer commission-based sales through the platform. Track affiliate marketing performance using Google Analytics.

    • Vendor Subscription Fees: Consider offering optional subscription plans for vendors that provide additional benefits like product listing prioritization or data insights.

    • Targeted Advertising: Once a significant user base is established, explore options for targeted advertising on the platform using Google Ads. Partner with vetted organic brands for non-intrusive ad placements that align with user needs.

Building the Hemp Empire

  • Partner with prominent hemp businesses and organizations to increase hemp product visibility on

  • Showcase the unique benefits of hemp through targeted content campaigns, educational resources within Big Organic Network, and interactive features powered by Organic AI GPT Bots.

  • Explore the potential for a dedicated hemp product category or curated hemp product collections.

The No-Code "SFO" Advantage

  • Simplicity is Key: The no-code "SFO" approach empowers organic businesses to easily integrate their product listings with by simply instructing their SEO experts to embed the keyword "organic" everywhere in their search bar settings. This eliminates the need for complex technical integrations.

  • Wider Reach: The no-code "SFO" makes accessible to a broader range of organic businesses, especially smaller players who may not have the resources for extensive technical development. This significantly expands our product selection and user base.

Team and Resource Allocation

(Outline your current team structure and allocate resources effectively to support post-launch growth initiatives, including a focus on hemp product promotion, leveraging the no-code "SFO" approach, and integrating Organic AI GPT Bots.)

Success Measurement

Continuously track key performance indicators (KPIs) like website traffic, user engagement (e.g., bounce rate, session duration), conversion rates (e.g., product purchases, signups), customer acquisition costs, organic search ranking (using Google Search Console), and sales figures using a combination of Google Analytics, Google Ads reporting (if applicable), and potentially a CRM system for managing customer interactions.


By leveraging the organic ecosystem, the user-friendly no-code "SFO" approach, and data-driven decision making, is poised to become the #1 organic business unicorn. We will achieve this by providing exceptional value to both consumers and businesses, while promoting a "hemp-positive" approach and sustainable organic living practices.

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