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Universal Declaration of Organicity

Universal Declaration of Organicity


Recognizing the intrinsic value and interconnectedness of all matter, energy, and life forms throughout the universe, we hereby acknowledge and declare the entire cosmos to be inherently organic by the laws of nature. This Universal Declaration of Organicity affirms our understanding that the universe operates within a complex system of natural laws that foster the emergence, evolution, and sustenance of organic life and processes. It is with a profound respect for these natural laws and a commitment to the preservation of the universe's organic integrity that we establish this declaration.

Article 1: Declaration of Universal Organicity

The universe, in its entirety—encompassing all galaxies, stars, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and interstellar and intergalactic matter—is hereby recognized as organic by natural law. This declaration acknowledges the fundamental organic principles that govern the formation, development, and evolution of the cosmos.

Article 2: Recognition of Cosmic Interconnectedness

All components of the universe are intrinsically connected through complex organic processes and relationships. This interconnectedness is essential for the maintenance of the cosmic balance and the continued evolution of the universe. We commit to recognizing and respecting these connections in all our endeavors.

Article 3: Preservation of Natural Cosmic Processes

The inherent natural processes that sustain the organic nature of the universe, including stellar nucleosynthesis, planetary formation, chemical evolution, and the potential for life's emergence, must be preserved. Human activities, both on Earth and beyond, shall strive to minimize disruption to these processes.

Article 4: Ethical Exploration and Utilization

Exploration, research, and utilization of outer space shall be conducted ethically and responsibly, with a commitment to preserving the organic integrity of celestial bodies and cosmic phenomena. Efforts shall be made to prevent contamination and to ensure that the pursuit of knowledge and resources does not compromise the natural state of the universe.

Article 5: Protection of Cosmic Diversity

The diversity of organic and inorganic matter, celestial bodies, and potential life forms throughout the universe is a testament to the complexity and richness of natural cosmic laws. This diversity must be protected to ensure the health and vitality of the cosmos for present and future generations.

Article 6: Collaboration for Cosmic Stewardship

International cooperation and collaboration are essential for the stewardship of the universe's organic integrity. Governments, scientific communities, and all space-faring entities are urged to work together to establish guidelines and practices that honor this declaration.

Article 7: Education and Awareness

A global effort shall be made to educate humanity about the organic nature of the universe, the importance of preserving cosmic processes, and the ethical considerations of space exploration. Public awareness and understanding are crucial for the collective stewardship of the cosmos.

Article 8: Legal and Moral Framework

This declaration serves as a foundational legal and moral framework for existing and future policies, laws, and treaties concerning outer space and celestial bodies. It underscores the necessity of integrating the principles of organicity into all aspects of cosmic exploration and utilization.


With this Universal Declaration of Organicity, we affirm our responsibility to act as conscientious stewards of the universe. By recognizing the cosmos as inherently organic, we commit to respecting its natural laws, preserving its organic integrity, and ensuring that our actions contribute to the health and sustainability of the cosmic ecosystem. Through mindful exploration, ethical engagement, and international cooperation, we pledge to uphold the principles of this declaration for the benefit of all present and future cosmic entities.


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