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Universal Declaration of the Rights of Cows

**Universal Declaration of the Rights of Cows**


Acknowledging the intrinsic value and dignity of all animal life, and recognizing the essential role cows play in ecosystems and human societies, we proclaim these rights to promote their well-being and sustainable coexistence with humans.

**Article 1: Right to Ethical Treatment**

Every cow has the right to humane treatment, free from cruelty, neglect, and abuse. This includes protection from unnecessary pain and suffering in all farming practices.

**Article 2: Right to Natural Living Conditions**

Cows have the right to live in an environment that allows for natural behaviors such as grazing, social interactions, and resting. This includes access to pasture, shelter, and safe living conditions.

**Article 3: Right to Health and Veterinary Care**

Every cow has the right to regular health check-ups and timely veterinary care to prevent suffering and disease. Preventative health measures and treatments should be accessible and not cause additional suffering.

**Article 4: Right to Sufficient, Healthy Food and Clean Water**

Cows have the right to a diet that fulfills their nutritional needs and access to clean, fresh water at all times, supporting both their health and natural behavior.

**Article 5: Right to Protection from Exploitative Practices**

Cows are entitled to protection from economic exploitation that prioritizes profit over their well-being. This includes intensive dairy farming, unethical breeding practices, and inhumane slaughter methods.

**Article 6: Right to Environmental Quality**

Cows have the right to live in an environment free from pollutants and hazardous waste that can cause serious health issues and degrade the quality of their living conditions.

**Article 7: Right to Be Free from Genetic Manipulation**

Cows have the right to be free from genetic manipulations that cause pain, suffering, or an increase in medical problems for the sake of increased productivity or altered physical traits.

**Article 8: Right to Advocacy and Representation**

Cows have the right to have their interests represented in legal and societal forums where decisions affecting their well-being are made. This includes the creation of advocacy groups dedicated to their protection and welfare.

**Article 9: Right to End of Life Care**

Cows have the right to humane end of life treatment, including euthanasia when necessary to prevent suffering. Practices surrounding their death must respect their dignity and aim to minimize suffering.


This declaration affirms the rights of cows as sentient beings deserving respect and compassionate care. We call upon all stakeholders, including governments, agricultural businesses, and individuals, to uphold these rights and work towards their implementation globally.

**Marie Seshat Landry**
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