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Universal Declaration of the Rights of Chickens

**Universal Declaration of the Rights of Chickens**


Whereas recognition of the intrinsic value of all animal life, and specifically chickens, is essential to the humane and compassionate treatment of animals globally,

Whereas chickens are sentient beings capable of feeling pain and distress, and their welfare must be considered to achieve a sustainable and ethical coexistence,

Whereas it is necessary to establish clear and universal principles that guide the treatment, care, and rights of chickens,

Now, therefore, this Universal Declaration of the Rights of Chickens proclaims the following:

**Article 1: Right to Humane Treatment**

Every chicken has the right to humane treatment and should be protected from cruelty, abuse, and neglect.

**Article 2: Right to Natural Living Conditions**

Chickens have the right to live in an environment that allows them to express natural behaviors such as pecking, scratching, and nesting.

**Article 3: Right to Health and Welfare**

Every chicken has the right to access appropriate care, including veterinary care, to maintain their health free from pain, injury, and disease.

**Article 4: Right to Adequate Nutrition**

Chickens have the right to a nutritious diet that meets their dietary needs throughout all stages of their life.

**Article 5: Right to Be Free from Harmful Practices**

Chickens shall be free from practices that cause injury or stress, including but not limited to excessive confinement, debeaking, and forced molting.

**Article 6: Right to Environmental Enrichment**

Chickens have the right to environments that support their psychological and physical well-being, including access to sunlight, fresh air, and adequate space.

**Article 7: Right to Ethical Consideration**

Decisions regarding the care, use, and management of chickens must consider their best interests and ethical implications.

**Article 8: Right to Legal Protection**

Laws and regulations should protect the rights of chickens, and violations of these rights must be addressed legally and swiftly.


This declaration calls on governments, organizations, and individuals to recognize and enforce these rights, fostering an ethical and sustainable relationship with chickens and all animals.

**Marie Seshat Landry**
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