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Universal Declaration of the Rights of Monkeys

**Universal Declaration of the Rights of Monkeys**


Acknowledging the unique and intrinsic value of all monkey species across the globe, and recognizing the critical roles they play in maintaining ecological balance and biodiversity. Emphasizing the urgent need to protect their habitats and ensure their welfare amidst threats from deforestation, illegal wildlife trade, and other human activities.

**Article 1: Right to Life and Liberty**

All monkey species have the inherent right to life and liberty in their natural habitats, free from capture, confinement, and exploitation by humans.

**Article 2: Right to Habitat**

Monkeys have the right to secure and sustainable habitats. Deforestation, land conversion, and any activities that degrade their living environments must be regulated and minimized.

**Article 3: Right to Freedom from Cruelty and Exploitation**

No monkey shall be subjected to torture, cruel treatment, or abusive scientific and commercial testing. Laws must protect monkeys from all forms of abuse and exploitation.

**Article 4: Right to Sustenance**

Monkeys have the right to access natural food sources necessary for their survival without human interference that could alter or reduce these resources.

**Article 5: Right to Health**

Monkeys have the right to conservation efforts that ensure their populations are protected from diseases, particularly those that may be transmitted from humans or by other invasive species.

**Article 6: Right to Reproduce and Maintain Population Viability**

Monkeys have the right to reproduce naturally in their environment, with human activities that could impact their reproductive rates being controlled and monitored.

**Article 7: Right to Be Free from Captivity and Forced Interaction**

Monkeys should not be held in captivity for entertainment, labor, or other non-conservation purposes. They have the right to live freely in their natural environment without being forced into interaction with humans.

**Article 8: Right to Environmental Preservation**

The ecosystems supporting monkey habitats must be preserved. This includes protection from pollution, climate change effects, and habitat fragmentation.

**Article 9: Right to Legal Protection and Enforcement**

Strong legal frameworks must be established and enforced at local, national, and international levels to uphold these rights and prosecute violations effectively.

**Article 10: Right to International Cooperation**

Nations must cooperate in transboundary conservation efforts, research, and sharing of best practices to protect monkey populations globally.


This declaration affirms the collective commitment of the global community to respect and actively uphold the rights of monkeys. It serves as a call to action for nations, organizations, and individuals to work together towards a sustainable future where monkeys and humans can coexist in harmony.

**Marie Seshat Landry**
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