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Universal Declaration of Veganism

### Universal Declaration of Veganism


Acknowledging the interconnectedness of all life on Earth, and recognizing the intrinsic value of all sentient beings, we affirm the rights of animals to live free from exploitation and cruelty. Emphasizing the ecological, health, and ethical imperatives that drive the vegan movement, we call for a global commitment to promoting vegan values and practices.

**Article 1: Right to Life and Liberty**

Every sentient being has the inherent right to life and liberty. No animal shall be deprived of life or liberty for the convenience or benefit of another species, except under principles that respect their well-being and dignity.

**Article 2: Right to a Natural Habitat**

Animals have the right to live in their natural habitats, free from human encroachment that leads to displacement, suffering, or ecological imbalance.

**Article 3: Right to Freedom from Exploitation**

All animals have the right to be free from exploitation in agriculture, entertainment, clothing, and experimentation. Human practices must prioritize sustainability and cruelty-free alternatives.

**Article 4: Environmental Stewardship**

Humans have a duty to protect the environment, promoting sustainable living and plant-based diets to minimize suffering and ecological damage.

**Article 5: Right to Health**

Promotion of a vegan diet for all capable of adopting it, acknowledging its benefits for reducing chronic diseases and promoting overall health, with access to nutritious and sufficient plant-based food as a fundamental right.

**Article 6: Educational Rights**

Educational systems should teach the principles of veganism, including respect for animal rights, environmental science, and nutrition to foster a compassionate, well-informed citizenry.

**Article 7: Right to Cultural Respect**

While promoting veganism, respect for cultural practices and traditions must be maintained, fostering dialogue and understanding to integrate vegan principles harmoniously.

**Article 8: Economic and Legal Support**

Governments are encouraged to support the transition to vegan practices through subsidies for plant-based agriculture, legal frameworks protecting animal rights, and incentives for vegan businesses.

**Article 9: Research and Innovation**

Supporting scientific research and technological innovation in developing sustainable and ethical alternatives to animal products, including plant-based and lab-grown options.


This declaration calls for a collective effort to advance veganism, not only as a dietary choice but as a comprehensive ethical, ecological, and healthy lifestyle, promoting peace and sustainability for all beings on our planet.

**Marie Seshat Landry**
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