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10,000 New Pyramids

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Here is a comprehensive plan for building 10,000 New Pyramids to sustain 10 billion people, along with 2 billion acres of organics outdoors, to feed people, animals, and buffer climate change. This plan also includes the criminalization of non-organics, legalization of plant-based drugs, and the construction of a new global organic civilization using hemp derivatives, to be finalized by the 2030 calendar reset:

1. **Design and Planning**: 

   - Establish a team of architects, engineers, and scientists to design the New Pyramids and outdoor organic farming infrastructure.

   - Develop detailed plans for each pyramid, including dimensions, materials, and functionalities.

2. **Construction of New Pyramids**:

   - Utilize HDCNS-COMPOSITE as the primary building material for the pyramids, ensuring sustainability and strength.

   - Incorporate solar panels and energy storage systems into the pyramids to ensure they are self-sufficient energy stations.

   - Construct each pyramid to serve as an aeroponic autonomous vertical greenhouse, utilizing advanced agricultural technologies to maximize food production.

   - Integrate wifi stations or satellite communication capabilities into each pyramid for connectivity and data monitoring.

3. **Outdoor Organic Farming**:

   - Allocate 2 billion acres of land for outdoor organic farming, including crops for food, hemp, and medicines.

   - Implement sustainable farming practices, such as crop rotation and natural pest control, to maintain soil health and biodiversity.

   - Use hemp derivatives for construction materials and as a primary crop for soil regeneration and carbon sequestration.

4. **Legalization and Criminalization**:

   - Advocate for the criminalization of non-organic practices that harm the environment and human health.

   - Legalize plant-based drugs for medicinal and recreational use, with regulations to ensure safety and quality.

5. **Global Organic Civilization**:

   - Establish educational programs to teach the principles of organic farming and sustainable living.

   - Promote the Universal Declaration of Organic Rights and Universal Declaration of Peace as guiding principles for the new civilization.

   - Collaborate with governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders to promote organic laws and practices globally.

6. **Timeline and Milestones**:

   - Develop a timeline with milestones for the construction of the New Pyramids and the implementation of outdoor organic farming.

   - Regularly evaluate progress and make adjustments as needed to ensure the project stays on track.

7. **Conclusion**:

   - The construction of 10,000 New Pyramids and the implementation of 2 billion acres of outdoor organic farming will require significant resources, collaboration, and commitment. However, by working together, we can create a sustainable and thriving global organic civilization that respects the environment and promotes peace and well-being for all.

This plan outlines a comprehensive strategy for building 10,000 New Pyramids and implementing 2 billion acres of outdoor organic farming to sustainably feed 10 billion people and address climate change, while also promoting the principles of organic laws and the Universal Declaration of Peace.

Mission: #NewPyramids

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